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Engelse vergaderwoorden

Een verzameling van Engelse vergaderwoorden die van belang zijn voor de notulist.


Veel gebruikte woorden in een vergadering (Engels)

Ga je voor het eerst naar een Engelse vergadering om te notuleren, dan is de onderstaande lijst handig.

Ad hoc A Latin phrase which means: "for this purpose.
Ad hoc meeting A meeting called together for a special purpose.
Agenda Programme of subjects to be discussed at a meeting.
Amendment A motion moved to change the original motion being considered by a meeting. An amendment may propose an alternative/alteration to the existing motion by adding to, substituting or deleting words of a motion. Cannot be a direct negative to the original motion.
AOB Any other business) Point on the list of agenda allowing a participant to raise another point for discussion.
Board meeting A meeting of the board of directors of an organization. One member of the group may be designated or elected to serve as chairperson and is referred to as: The chairman of the board.
Chair Person who presides over a meeting. The chair conducts the meeting in general order and ensures smooth debate.
Committee A type of small deliberative assembly that is subordinate to another deliberative assembly.
Consensus General agreement.
To discharge To release from obligations.
Hearing In law a hearing is a proceeding before a court or other decision-making body or officer. A hearing is generally distinguished from a trial in that it is usually shorter and often less formal.
Minutes (or: Notes) A written record of the proceedings of the meeting.
To take the minutes/notes To make a written record of the meeting.
To confirm the minutes To approve the minutes.
To enter in the minutes To add to the minutes.
Motion Proposal put to a meeting or assembly.
Paraphrasing The act in which a statement or remark is explained in other words or another way.
Plenary Attended by all members: “A plenary meeting”.
Point of order When there is believed to be an error in the procedure of a meeting, any member may take a "point of order".
Quorum The minimum number of members of a body required to make a decision.
To quote To repeat another’s words (in a written or an oral fragment). A quote is written between “quotation marks”.
Resolution A written motion adopted by a deliberative body. The substance of the resolution can be anything that can normally be proposed as a motion.
Stakeholder Originally a person who holds money or other property while its owner is being determined.
Standing orders These are the rules of debate.
To tender To offer to supply certain goods or to do certain work at a fixed rate.
Transcription The conversion into written, typewritten or printed form, of a spoken language source, such as the proceedings of a court hearing.
Unanimity Complete agreement by everyone.
Verbatim As a linguistic term, "verbatim" means an exact reproduction of a sentence, phrase, quote or other sequence of text from one source into another. The same words appear in exactly the same order, with no paraphrasing substitution, or abbreviation of any kind, not even any trivial changes that wouldn't have affected the meaning anyway.

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